Wednesday 24 July 2013

Thomson Secondary School 德新中学 (Formerly Thomson Government Chinese Middle School 前德新政府华文中学)

1956 - 1958; 1958 - 2000

The school started as Thomson Government Chinese Middle School in 1956, as one of the Government Chinese Middle Schools set up to cater to Chinese school students who had their studies disrupted by the Chinese middle schools riots. It later merged with Thomson Vocational School to become Thomson Secondary School in 1958. When Thomson Secondary School was relocated to Sengkang Town on 15 December 2000, it was renamed North Vista Secondary School. The Chinese name of Thomson Secondary School was maintained to preserve its historical links with the new school.

Thomson Government Chinese Middle School School Motto (Former)

德新中学高中第三, 四届毕业纪念刊 1960


  1. What a wonderful me ory these old photos brought back. My father was one of the past Principal. He was a workaholic and a good father ! I missed him so much !

  2. Out of curiosity, where was the original school located in before moving to Sengkang? I am a History Buff you see.

  3. It was located at Thomson Road just beside SLF Building where St Joseph Institution International is at now.