Wednesday 24 July 2013

Holy Innocents' High School 圣婴中学 (Formerly Holy Innocents' Boys School 前圣婴男校)

1892 - Present

In 1892 Holy Innocents' High School was one of the first Chinese Mission Schools to be founded in Singapore and was named Tao Nan School. Bible studies and classical Chinese were taught. In 1920 Rev Fr Becheras was the Supervisor of the school. The name of the school was changed from Tao Nan to Holy Innocents' Boy School. In 1957, the school relocated to its current site which originally comprised of a two-storey building with 12 classrooms. The following year, Secondary classes were started and the school was again renamed Holy Innocents’ High School. 

Holy Innocents' High School School Song

Holy Innocents' High School School Motto

谦 诚 和 爱



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  1. Thanks, I studied in Montfort School. Back then the 2 schools were more or less separated by a cemetery.