Tuesday 23 July 2013

Mee Toh School 弥陀学校

1954 - Present




In the early fifties, the need for a school to provide education for the population of children living in attap houses in the area surrounding Long San Temple led to the opening of Long San School in 1954. Within a few months, the classes were overcrowded. There was an apparent need for more classrooms. The site adjacent to Long San Temple which was initially designed for the construction of another temple, namely, Mee Toh Temple, was proposed for the building of Mee Toh School instead. 

The ground-breaking ceremony was officiated on 26 May 1954, by Mr Lee Jun Chen, the then Chairman of the Buddhist Federation. The name Mee Toh means 'Eternal Brightness'. A school flag was designed with the prominent Buddhist symbol of the Swastika and using the colours of red, white and green. The medium of instruction in the early days was Mandarin and the school was managed by the administrators of Long San Temple until 1957 when it became a Government-Aided School. In 1985, the first batch of Primary Six pupils took the PSLE with English as the first Language . 

Mee Toh School School Song

南国风光月月春 南国青年日日新
 三宝庄严垂万古 弥陀慧业无等伦
人人勤修世间法 习劳敬业而乐群
琢磨道德光祖国 研究学问利群生
今日门庭桃李花 他年松柏永青青
南国风光月月春 南国青年日日新

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Credit: Mee Toh School

Mee Toh School School Motto

Reference: http://http://www.meetoh.moe.edu.sg

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