Saturday 27 July 2013

Catholic High School 公教中学

Catholic High School was founded in 1935 by the late Reverend Father Edward Becheras, a French missionary. It is a Catholic institution but takes in both Catholic and non-Catholic students. The school had her humble beginnings within the premises of the Church of St Peter and Paul at Queen Street. To cope with the demand for places, it relocated to its present site in Bishan in 1992.

Reverend Father Becheras envisioned the school as an institution of learning, and also one for acquiring competence in bilingualism. His enunciation – “The way of the Catholic High School is a way made of two rails – Chinese and English, free from any entanglement, straight to its end. Happy are those who follow. They shall obtain the scope of a sound education” remains firmly as a cornerstone of the school’s philosophy.

Catholic High School School Song

公教中学 屹立星洲

寰宇高耸 环境清幽

宣传文化 东西并筹

阐扬学术 文质兼收

振兴教育 惠及同俦

发挥道德 砥柱中流

莘莘学子 勤勉研求

弦歌讽诵 涵泳优游

白云渺渺 绿野油油

敦品励学 无间无休

蕉雨淅淅 椰风飕飕

振我邦国 万世千秋

Catholic High School School Motto


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