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Jalan Ulu Sembawang 惹兰乌鲁三巴旺: Huamin Primary School 华民小学 (Formerly Hua Mien Public School 公立华民学校) ; Cheng Chi School 增志学校 (Former) and Chung Yee Public School 公立中玉学校 (Former)

Schools Along Jalan Ulu Sembawang  惹兰乌鲁三巴旺一带的学校

在这片僻静而广阔的农村中,村民大多来自福建, 也有四间略具规模的公立华文小学—民正、华民、中玉和新华。
Jalan Ulu Sembawang was first named in July 1948 as a dirt track off the 13th milestone of Sembawang Road, just south of Chong Pang Village - then one of the largest towns in the north of Singapore - and Sungei Simpang Village. The road served the rural villages and vast plantations around the Mandai and Ulu Sembawang areas. 

The majority of the residents along Jalan Ulu Sembawang were Hokkien, descendents of immigrants from the southern China, with surnames Toh or Ang. There were also 4 relatively well-established schools along Jalan Ulu Sembawang, namely Hua Mien Public School, Cheng Chi School, Chung Yee School and Sin Hua School.

Reference: http://poskod.sg/Posts/2013/3/22/Road-to-Nowhere

Hua Mien Public School 公立华民学校 / Huamin Primary School 

1945 - 1986; 1989 - Present

The original government-aided Hua Mien School, started in 1945, was situated at 226 Jalan Ulu Sembawang. The old school finally closed down 41 years later in 1986. 

Huamin Primary School derives its name from Hua Mien School. It opened its doors in Yishun New Town in 1989. Classes were first held in temporary premises at Northland Primary School in 1988. The Huamin Primary School Advisory Committee was formed in April 1991 with Mr Ang Kieow Mok as its chairman. Huamin Primary was officially opened on 22nd November 1991.

Cheng Chi School 增志学校

Cheng Chi School (增志学校, later known as "Cheng Chi Primary School") was located at Stephen Lee Road, off Mandai Road. It was established in 1932 with the help from Reverend Father Stephen Lee Teck Bong and sponsored by Catholic Mission. The Chinese-medium school was closed during Japanese Occupation and was reopened in 1946. Later, it became a government-aided school and was closed down in 1979 due to low enrolment of students.

Chung Yee School 中玉学校

《联合晚报 - 光阴的故事》 

Solemnity of the feast of St. Anthony and golden jubilee of the establishment of the Christian Community : 1927-1977

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