Thursday, 3 April 2014

收集文物纪念消失的华校 An Exhibition on the Lost Chinese-Medium Schools in Singapore


看着桌上泛黄的黑白照、以中文书写的成绩单、毕业证书以及校服,不禁让人想到五六十年代的新加坡,华人如何出钱办校,让孩子上学。 近200所华校关闭 华校校友会联合会会长潘国驹教授说,在50年代的顶峰时期,本地有多达283所华校。这些华校中9所成为特选学校,一些则转型成政府学校,近200所华校后来关闭。   





Source: http://mypaper.sg/chinese-news/shou-ji-wen-wu-ji-nian-xiao-shi-de-hua-xiao-20140220

联络方式 Email:txls89@gmail.com 

Do you have any grandparents, parents or relatives who used to study in one of the 283 Chinese-medium schools in Singapore? If you like to share your story, or your old school mementos, such as the school certificates, report book, badges, uniforms and photographs, leave a comment or drop me an email! Thank you =)

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